Tailored and Groomed’s pop up barber shop can be located at your place of work permanently, selected days of the week or for a block period of time.

The service is designed to improve your corporate wellness pack, remove the worry of staff leaving the premises during the working day for personal errands, boost staff productivity and morale, relieve stress and add another dimension to your business. With busy schedules and deadlines, Tailored and Groomed takes away the hassle of trying to fit a haircut into your free time.

There’s no need to travel all hair styling and shaving is carried out at your place of residence, where Tailored and Groomed will use its specially designed pop-up barber equipment to create the ultimate experience.

Haircut and shaving services available.


For further details email info@tailoredandgroomed.com


(Prices Available on Request)

Add another dynamic to your event with a pop up barber shop! The world of male grooming is rapidly growing, and we’re on hand to provide the luxury of barbering and wet shaves on the go. Our hire allows gentlemen to be pampered before or during any function.